Maintance schedule

Aquarium Bowl


  • Check the all electrical equipment
  • Feed fish, and after fifteen munite of feeding remove uneaten food


  • Clean front glass
  • Top up evaporated water
  • Filter cleaning
  • Add medicines


  • Complete water change
  • Washing filter with power head
  • Wash the gravel with salt
  • Wash all accessories
  • Wash complete aquarium with salt


  • We are providing all aquarium accessories
  • We are providing all kind of fish & imported fish food
  • Place your order on phone & email
  • We also take annual maintenance contact (AMC)
  • Any shape & size of aquarium manufacturer by us
  • We also deals in marine aquarium & marine fish
  • 24 hrs. service

Welcome to Sea Life Aquarium

Sea life aquarium one of the premier aquarium manufacture, exporters and suppliers. The different range of aquarium used in Hotels, restaurants, showroom, hospitals, nursing home, office, schools, apartments , houses or farmhouses.

We are working in the field of aquarium from past eight years. With great experience and knowledge we have move one step forward in field. We are happy that people are connecting with nature through this medium. Fish keeping is an ancient hobby. Thousand years ago people Used to keep ornamental fishes.

From old time people used to feed the fishes in ponds and rivers but presently it’s not possible due to the shortage of time..

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